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Concordat on Openness News (January 2019)

In our busy lives, we often take our health for granted. In reality, it needs our attention. This New Year, make your overall wellness a priority with these nine tips.

1. Integrate health into your life

Set the intention to prioritize your wellness within all aspects of your life. This includes your mind, body, spirit, social life and family. High-quality CBD oil may benefit people with certain conditions, including high blood pressure, seizures, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, multiple sclerosis, and more. visit here for more information about CBD benefits.

2. Set specific target goals

Create health goals for each area of your life. Then, break them into smaller segments. It’s easy to miss the mark when we set lofty goals or make grand pronouncements. Keep it simple!

3. Eliminate obstacles to your goals

Take time to establish what is preventing you from attaining your goals. Then, set out a plan to eliminate those obstacles. For example, if you find yourself skipping the gym, figure out why and then establish a solution.

4. Set deadlines, yes deadlines

We don’t always think of deadlines when it comes to health goals, especially in the areas of mind, spirit, social and family. By setting timelines to achieve goals, small or big, you’ll be able to track your success and be pleased with the results. Without a deadline, you may find your achievement wanes or disappears off of your radar completely.

5. Reward yourself

Maximize the motivational power of congratulating yourself after reaching a goal. Give yourself a reward. This will keep you moving forward.

6. Invite everyone in: friends, family, neighbors

One of the most common reasons that people abandon their health commitments is that they’re alone in their journey. When you have partners in health, you all keep each other motivated and on track. This was a theme of my book, Family Fit: Find your balance in life.

7. Create Balance in your Life

It’s important to find a balance in all aspects of your life: mind, body, spirit, social, and family. This is especially true of work and career commitments. Poor health often results when this balance is out of sync.

8. Schedule time for health

Set your wellness goals up for success by scheduling your health activities. Add them to your calendar, just like other appointments. If you suffer for chronic pain most of the time is caused by nerve damage, learn more here how to reduce the pain using a natural product.

9. Eliminate unhealthy conditions and surround yourself with wellness

I like to teach people to ‘Strip the Beds and Clean Your House.’ This means to literally go through your home and your life and remove things that are unhealthy. This may include foods, clutter, relationships, stress, negativity, hardship and more. nerve control 911 reviews.

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