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Concordat on Openness in the Press

Science Mag: To woo public, Europe opens up on animal experiments, but U.S. less transparent



The Guardian: Companies, universities and charities vow to reveal more on animal testing



BBC News: Animal research ‘pledge on openness’ agreed



Mail Online: Rap for Body Shop and Lush over ethics claims: Shops criticised for implying some cosmetics are still tested on animals despite ban introduced last year



Science Mag: U.K. Research Groups Pledge Openness About Animal Research



Times Higher Education: Sector signs up to animal research openness



Reddit: I am the CEO of Understanding Animal Research. My job is to explain why animal research is important. AMA!



Speaking of Research: The Concordat on Openness on Animal Research Arrives



Nuffield Council on Bioethics: Concordat on openness in animal research furthers Council’s push for transparency