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Openness Concordat Consultation

In November 2013 a six-week public consultation was conducted to ask the public for their views on whether the draft Concordat proposals would help to increase openness within the life sciences sector.

During the Consultation the draft Concordat was made available on the Understanding Animal Research website, accompanied by a questionnaire that asked participants to evaluate if and how the four main commitments would be beneficial for openness.

Geoff Watts, Chair of the Steering Group for the Concordat development process, said: “We have been working for the past year on agreeing draft principles of openness and practical, measurable steps that organisations can take to help the public to understand why and how animals are used in research.

“We have already held a public dialogue to help inform our work and we would now like to know what the wider public thinks of our proposals.  The consultation takes the form of a web-based survey, which will be available on the Understanding Animal Research website until 5.00 p.m. on 16 December 2013.  I would encourage anyone who has a view about the use of animals in research to complete the survey and help us to shape the final Concordat.”

Read the final report on the Consultation.