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Openness Awards

Understanding Animal Research launched the Openness Awards to celebrate the achievements of the sector in honouring their commitment to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research. The Openness Awards seek to recognise those individuals who have championed openness on animal research over the years, and those who continue to do so. The Concordat is driven by passionate and committed individuals who work hard to ensure that animal research is recognised both within their organisations and among stakeholders and the public.

The awards take place every December and coincide with the Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture. Six months prior to the awards, signatories are asked to nominate themselves.

Once all the nominations have been received, an independent judging committee determines the winners and runners up, who are then announced at the awards ceremony.

Judging committee

Hannah Hobson (UAR)
Karen Gardner (BBC)
Chris Petkov (University of Newcastle)
Barney Reed (RSPCA)
Emma Roe (University of Exeter)
Clare Stanford (UCL)

Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution to Openness in Animal Research

When deemed necessary by staff members and the Council at Understanding Animal Research, an award for an outstanding individual may also be presented.

Openness Awards 2023

The 2023 Openness Awards will take place on Monday 4 December in London.

Previous Openness Awards