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Marking the Anniversary of the Concordat – what and how?

Our group discussed plans for marking the anniversary of the signing of the Concordat, which took place on the 14th May 2014.  Three years on from the launch of the Concordat, UAR will run a Twitter campaign using #ConcordatOpenness to promote the work of its signatories.  An email has been sent to all organisations with details of the campaign, however there was mixed awareness of this in our group session.  Suggestions were given to help generate more traction on social media:

  • Twitter cards for organisations to use – UAR to send round
  • Flash Cards could be used effectively in any twitter feeds
  • Storify to collate the days’s Twitter feeds
  • Link to case studies to give context

Other points discussed:

  • There was some concern by big pharma as to whether permission would be given for individuals to tweet about their research. This may be a barrier for many.
  • Internal comms were encouraged – it was suggested that organisations and institutions could mention the anniversary in newsletters/bulletins
  • Perhaps more notice could be given in future years so that organisations could do more perhaps event based activities rather than just social media to mark the anniversary
  • Look to tie in future anniversaries with an “Ask me Anything?” style of event.  Think about 5th and 10th anniversaries in particular to make a bigger splash.
  • Last year’s social media campaign was discussed and Hannah reassured the group that no negative tweets or comments were received in social media.

Overall a very useful discussion with lots of sharing of good practice and good ideas for future anniversaries.

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