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What can research funders do (uniquely) to support the Concordat that’s not being done now?

  • Could help raise awareness of Concordat generally.
  • Helping researchers engage with stakeholders on animal research: mandate such engagement?
  • Peer review and application process may be rigorous but what happens with the funding afterwards? This could be explored more.
  • ARRIVE guidelines and journals ask researchers to undertake additional experiments outside the guidelines – can funders help with this?
  • Biostatisticians in peer review for applications proposing use of animals
  • How do researchers ensure that use of animals policies are having an effect on researchers – and administrative burden is important.
  • Researchfish joining up with other repositories and JeS system.
  • Potential advantages of fully anonymised peer review
  • Make it clearer that UK publicly-funded researchers can ask for funding for public engagement in grant applications under FEC.
  • Success case studies on how animals contribute to research: are there case studies written funders that research organisations can use?
  • Breeding and the transgenics on the floor versus designated experimental animal.

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